The moment we found out

The moment we found out Eliana was diagnosed with down syndrome I knew my wife would take it really hard. We had one week to mentally prepare ourselves for the news and we talked about the worse case scenarios. After the news, as soon as we got in our car all her emotions flooded out. Just… Continue reading The moment we found out

The Beginning – Eliana’s Results

One week felt like a century waiting for Eliana’s chromosome results. I stopped researching online after a few articles because that wasn’t going to help me. Sure it gave me awareness of what to expect but I had to stay positive. My wife on the other hand is famous for online researching – her Instagram’s Explore feed was… Continue reading The Beginning – Eliana’s Results

The Beginning – New Years Day

2am on New Year’s Day my wife wakes me up to call Labor and Delivery, her contractions are painful and she can’t take it anymore. The nurse asked their routine questions but tells us her contractions aren’t close enough and to call again when they were closer. An hour later – they were. At the hospital the… Continue reading The Beginning – New Years Day