The moment we found out

The moment we found out Eliana was diagnosed with down syndrome I knew my wife would take it really hard. We had one week to mentally prepare ourselves for the news and we talked about the worse case scenarios. After the news, as soon as we got in our car all her emotions flooded out. Just seeing her in tears made me in tears and I wished I knew the right words to say to cheer her up but nothing I said would help.

We texted a few family members and everyone was shocked but caring and showed their support. My mother in law refused to believe Eliana had down syndrome. Like she’d cut off our sentences at the sound of the word. My aunty and uncle had a hunch when they looked at her infant footprint – the space between her big toe and second toe were spaced out more – but didn’t think anything until the news.

A few days past and the atmosphere in the house wasn’t healthy. My wife was depressed, had no appetite, and her eyes were so puffy from crying that she didn’t want to leave the house. It got to the point her milk supply for breast feeding started diminishing to where we needed to supplement formula. And that added more fuel to the fire.

It wasn’t until my wife’s aunty, who raised her while she was young, called her and brought light and hope. I wasn’t able to understand the whole conversation since they were talking in Ilocano. But she basically asked my wife why was she so depressed and sad. She asked if my wife wasn’t satisfied and grateful for the gift God blessed us with. My aunty went on with the meaning of Eliana’s name. That we prayed for more than a year for another child and the meaning of our daughter’s name represents “God has answered”. From then on my wife’s outlook on the situation changed and that was the moment we found out we just needed to trust in Him.


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