The Beginning – Eliana’s Results

One week felt like a century waiting for Eliana’s chromosome results. I stopped researching online after a few articles because that wasn’t going to help me. Sure it gave me awareness of what to expect but I had to stay positive. My wife on the other hand is famous for online researching – her Instagram’s Explore feed was mostly pictures of Down syndrome kids. I couldn’t imagine what was going on through my wife’s head. But she took the news really hard – like it was her fault. Mason, my four year old witnessed his mother being depressed all day while I was at work. He must’ve been so confused why she would cry all of a sudden. Mason would tell mommy “don’t cry and everything is okay.” Coming home and seeing sadness and pain on my wife’s face. I felt like there was nothing I could do to make all that go away.

What would happen if the results came out negative? We’d thank God for sure and life would go on. But what would happen if the results came out positive? Would Eliana be treated differently, how would others treat her? Like her classmates? Or her teachers? Are there any health concerns with down syndrome? Some of these questions raced through my mind. But my wife had a million of questions and concerns. She expected it, like she knew something was different during the pregnancy.

It felt weird going back to the pediatrician office. We walked straight to one the rooms. No weight or height check. Just escorted to one of the available rooms and wait. We were ready for what felt like forever for the results. Finally the doctor came in with an envelope and took a sat. He opened the envelope and showed us the chromosome chart. Eliana had an extra chromosome 21.


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