The Beginning – News Day

I felt on cloud nine the week Eliana was born. Our family and friends came by to see mommy and the baby. Big brother Mason was the most excited to meet his baby sister – he even got a surprise gift from his sister. Also the newspaper photographer came by asking to post a pic and article of the New Year baby. We were just blessed we finally got to meet our baby girl.

Eliana’s first appointment with her pediatrician was only a follow up on her jaundice – which turned out normal. As the doctor examined Eliana he noticed a couple things. The doctor noticed on one hand, the inside palm showed one single crease instead of the normal two or three crease. Eliana’s flat bridge of her nose was questionable since Mason had the same nose at that age. Her eyes showed a slight slant but the Asian genes come standard. Then the doctor broke the news and told us that Eliana might have down syndrome. And the only way we’d be one hundred percent sure was through the chromosome test. 


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